• Do you need a break?
  • Are you lacking in strength and vitality?
  • Do you want to awaken your self-healing powers or just relax?

Thanks to Reiki treatments, you will find your physical and mental balance again.

Reiki gives you the energy you need to shape your daily life with strength and to cope with overwork, but also to prevent it.

Reiki brings peace and relaxation, helps you to get a healthy sleep,

when you are overworked and restless.

Reiki strengthens your self-healing powers and activates regeneration processes.

This makes it possible to treat acute as well as chronic conditions,

or phases of long illnesses, which can be better overcome.

Reiki is also very useful in the treatment of painful experiences and the loss of a beloved partner.

Reiki detects physical and mental blockages and allows energy to flow again.

How it is working ?

Through the laying on of the hands of the Reiki practitioner universal life energy flows, in order to detect blockages in the physical, emotional and mental area and to dissolve them by activating the self-healing powers.


The receiving person is only given as much life energy as he or she is willing to absorb and process. Since Reiki is an intelligent energy, it always flows in the body of the recipient to where it is needed and can thus support the healing process.

I will first have a detailed preliminary talk with you regarding your complaints and then work out the appropriate Reiki technique for you.

Through the initiation into the 2nd Reiki degree and into the Reiki master III degree, I have the possibility to work with you on a physical as well as on a mental level.


The effect of Reiki benefits among other things :

  • the activation of the self-healing powers
  • the deep relaxation
  • helps to stimulate the development and maintenance of life
  • the detoxification of body, mind and soul
  • the solution of energy blockades, karma dissolutions
  • the supply of healing life energy
  • the balancing / cleansing of the chakras
  • the relief of pain, also after operations, activation of wound healing through relaxation
  • support for audits / operations
  • as support for future situations    
  • the stress relief.


I also have the ability to transmit life energy to you by distance Reiki, which makes it possible to work with you,

even without having an office for now, where I could invite you to. 


Reiki also supports other forms of therapy, but does not replace a visit to a doctor or alternative practitioner!


If you are curious or have any questions, just give me a call or write me via my contact form.