House, apartment, office, workplace, yard and stable inspections

Man's desire to use divining rods and clocks to search for "subterranean forces" dates back to 6000 BC. In old illustrations, we constantly encounter dowsers and pendulum users.


It was used in the mines, for the search for water, but also for mine hunting in times of war.


A Chinese decree dating from 2200 B.C. stipulated that no house could be built without a preliminary examination of the building site by a dowser, called at the time a "prophet of the earth".


I also work with the pendulum and dowsing rod.

Preferably, I examine your premises beforehand on a plan that you provide me.

This procedure allows me to have an overview of the extent of the disturbances and thus reduce the costs of on-site investigations.

On the basis of the results of this preliminary examination, we can then specify in advance what the next step in the procedure will be.


My work consists of measuring five types of terrestrial radiation:

  • Water Vein
  • Dry / wet fault ... Cavities
  • Hartmann Grid
  • Curry Grid
  • Cosmos / telluric disturbances


In addition, the electrical charge in the sleeping area is tested

using a special device.

A detailed report is then carried out together.