Geobiological Investigation - creating spaces of healing power


"Geobiology is the science of human, animal and plant life in the natural and civilized artificial fields, radiation and currents of our earth."


Dr. Ernst Hartmann

(Discoverer of the world grid)

Rays from the earth weaken the immune system and reduce long-term vitality. They can prepare or even trigger diseases.

It therefore makes sense to have not only the sleeping place but also the workplace examined for earth radiation.

But why wait until the complaints are there?


Wouldn't it make sense to have the property examined before building a house?

That way, you can avoid earth radiation in the sleeping area from the outset and avoid electro smog.

More and more farmers are having their barns re-inspected to ensure that their livestock are in good health,

so that the animals stay healthier and the cows give more milk.

Even our ancestors already knew that the right places are important for cows, pigs and horses.


In the old days, even fields were examined before an apple plantation was established.

This was important to make the trees more resistant to pests.

In the modern age of sprays and fertilizers, pests are kept away differently.

But what do you want?


Important:  We would like to inform you that terrestrial radiation and electro smog are not recognized by school science and conventional medicine. This means that in orthodox medicine and science there is no link between terrestrial radiation / electro smog and health problems / diseases .  

Are you aware of these complaints ?

  • Sweating or extreme cold in bed
  • Restless sleep, nightmares
  • Doesn't like going to bed (especially children)
  • Have trouble falling asleep
  • Lack of energy all day long
  • Lying across the bed (especially children)
  • Waking up at night (especially children)
  • Enuresis, bad mood, malaise
  • Chronic health problems
  • Heart Rhythm Complaints
  • Irritability and nervousness

    .... and if you're under medical or therapeutic treatment:

  • Therapies that haven't been successful
  • Tiring healing work
  • A distorted diagnosis

If one or more of these characteristics apply to you,

I recommend that you have your living or working area examined by me or a fellow geobiologist.

In the medium term, this can lead to considerable improvement in health or physical disturbances.