Raw Eating

What is raw food?

The definition of "raw food" includes any fresh, unheated food of plant and animal origin.

The word "raw" also means

  • "untreated"
  • "Unchanged"
  • "original"

This means that raw quality food should not be heated above 42° degrees, nor pasteurized or homogenized, so fermented food would not be considered raw food (but we like to eat "sauerkraut & Co", because it feeds the gut with good bacteria).

There are different orientations when it comes to raw food, some people prefer vegetarian or vague raw foods, others eat raw food of animal origin.

At the beginning it is important to get used to the new lifestyle slowly, you will find out for yourself over time which is the right path for you. Raw food should not be a dogma, but should be pleasant and fun.

Why raw food?

Because raw food is the most natural diet and meets the needs of our body.

We could also talk about species-appropriate nutrition. Raw food is alive and provides us with the vitamins, minerals and trace elements our organs need to keep our bodies healthy.


Have you ever wondered why you feel bad?

Perhaps your stomach has already made you realize that it doesn't really want what you're eating?

But you haven't listened to it?


  • You've already suffered by...
  • Abdominal pain
  • Feeling bloated
  • Perspiration
  • Insomnia

And much more


Our modern diet with cooked food and, in the worst case, "industrial" food,  is not made for our bodies. Our modern food is degenerated, genetically modified and does not nourish our body.

Vitamins have been overcooked, minerals are no longer usable and the taste has been modified by amplifiers

so that we are no longer satiated, but have an ever-growing appetite.

Raw food is the answer to all your questions. Raw food is :

  • Versatile
  • Rich in nutrients
  • Full of energy
  • Low of Calorics
  • Vegans / vegetarians or omnivores

How to begin ?

Step by step!

Becoming uncooked and possibly vegan from now on would overload not only you, but also your body.

I started eating less meat with my wife back then.

We avoided milk-based dishes and pastries and gradually integrated raw vegetables into your daily diet.

This can be done, for example, by replacing breakfast cereals or bread with a smoothie.

You will start to feel better, somehow lighter.

But your craving for meat and hearty food or sweets may still accompany you for some time.

Don't be afraid to experiment with recipes from books or the internet about raw foods.

At the beginning to eat more nuts (please soak them) or smoked Tofu to switch from old to new eating habits.


You can start by adding freshly squeezed vegetable juices, cold soups (or slightly warmed soups) throughout the day.

You'll find that your appetite for unhealthy foods will diminish.

At first, you may prefer to drink a smoothie naturally sweetened with whole fruit rather than vegetable juice.

You can also mix vegetable juices with a little fruit to sweeten the initially slightly pungent taste of different vegetables.

You will notice that your digestion changes. You may have some diarrhoea

and use the bathroom more often than usual. That's good, and it's supposed to be.

Your body cleans your organs from the inside out, which can also lead to a few headaches or bloating

and after the first high feelings of euphoria, you turn into a "raw food crisis".

Sooner or later, you will question your decision to eat healthier.

But I'm here to help you along the way at your own pace.

Why do I suddenly feel less good with a healthy nutrition?

You're going to think I'm crazy, but I'm telling you, be glad these crisis are happening.

It's a sign that your body has begun to heal itself. It's just that it's a little overwhelmed right now.

You can help him by supporting his self-cleansing.

A few gentle colonial irrigations help soothe headaches, maybe you could also eat some lightly steamed vegetables in between to slow down the body's cleansing process a bit, or cut down on the vegetable juices a bit.

But please don't give up. Keep at it.


You will feel like a newborn baby after this crise.

You will feel this new energy, your thoughts will become clearer and your sleep will be deeper.