Coaching for your holistic health and self-healing

I am pleased that you are interested in my coaching offers.


Benefit from my knowledge as a natural therapist

and from my experience with raw eating, through which

I have raised my health to an absolutely new level.


The positive changes reach into all areas of life, open the view and give self-confidence to initiate self-healing.


Because getting healthy usually doesn't happen over night, I will create several different coaching packages where you save money compared to booking a single lesson.

« Satisfied or refunded »

 You have a little too much tension, or not enough? too much cholesterol, diabetes, weight problems, etc ... ????

You are wondering how to do? and what might be the solutions that would make you quickly regain control of your body !

I can help you by explaining you how, with a healthy diet and some cleansing you will be able to remove from your tired body ... everything that pollutes it and makes it more painful day after day !

And to reassure you, I offer you on all my formulas, (except for the First aid and Discovery Coaching hour) the « satisfied or refunded » guarantee if after a three month trial following my recommendations, the beneficial effects of this new way of nutrition do not give you the desired changes ... I will refund you without any discussion.

Just like that!  You won't take any risk!  Just that of being in better health!

Get to know each other free of charge

Which of my coaching contents suits you and your individual case and would help you best,

we can decide together in a free 15 minutes Skype/WhatsApp conversation.

We can also find out if I am the right person to work with you, if we like each other and if the "chemistry fits", so to speak. Because this is already very important.


Write to me at and we can arrange an appointment to get to know each other.

Please also have a look at my general terms and conditions

If you decide to take a coaching lesson or coaching package, you are agreeing to this conditions.

The coaching can only start when the payment has been received.

Individual Coaching Hour

If you have some urgent questions or you need (as soon as possible) health advice that does not require a coaching package, then book a one-to-one lesson with me.

1 hour á 60 minutes via Skype/WhatsApp 75 € (payable before start)

What can you expect in the coaching sessions?

The topics/possibilities in the coaching sessions can be very different and depend entirely on the (health) complaints you would like to share me. Mostly some topics are combined with each other, as this results in the holistic therapy with which you can achieve the most.


Detox issues: Here I help you with questions or issues:

  • What is the point of detoxification?
  • How can I help my body to detox?
  • How can I support my detoxification organs holistically?
  • What possibilities do I have to detoxify my body?
  • What can I do if I have detox symptoms / crises?
  • How can I deacidify my body effectively?
  • Explanation of important detoxification measures such as: body and Breathing exercises

Nutrition issues: Here I can help you with questions like these:

  • What is the best way to change my diet?
  • What does a primarily alkaline diet look like?
  • What does a healthy vegan (purely vegetable) raw food diet look like and
  • What are the advantages for my health?
  • How can I find out which foods are good for me and which don't?
  • When do you eat which food and what is the food combination of?
  • How can I lose or gain weight with a change of diet?
  • Gluten - yes or no?
  • What options do I have with eating gluten-free  ( regarding to bread, pasta, side dishes, etc...)
  • Are juices or smoothies better for me?
  • Recipe ideas 

Energy work: Here I can support through Reiki (Distance-Riki), also Geobiology


which can help with acute but also chronic complaints, releases energy blockages and leads to more energy and inner balance in general.


Holistic Health coaching is something for you if...

  • you want to feel well again in your whole health (body, soul, spirit), strengthen your self-healing powers and thus leave behind or prevent diseases and disorders and...
  • you are ready to work on yourself (keyword: personal responsibility). Of course with my support
  • you are ready to invest in your health. 
  • you are ready to try something new and/or leave your comfort zone.
  • you want to develop yourself holistically and thus positively influence your whole life.