You are what you eat

I would like to introduce you here to the most original of all forms of nutrition, to raw food.

It is not a special diet or cure, but a form of nutrition that allows our body to repair itself, to get the most out of food.

I am not going to lie to you, I am not going to cure you ... it is you who, with my advice and through your daily gestures and actions, are going to get healthy again .... Like the little cut on your arm ... no need for intervention, your body repairs itself.

I was able to see for myself the incredible changes that this new diet has brought about.

For me, it was:

  • Regulating my blood pressure
  • Normalization of cholesterol levels
  • Healing of Psoriasis
  • Weight loss
  • More physical and mental energy
  • Balance
  • A better vision
  • Stop hair loss
  • Awareness of natural taste nuances

And much more

Probably the hardest part of this new lifestyle is getting started.

I would like to support you in this process.