Holistic and sustainable health

Welcome to my website, I'm glad you're looking for a healthier life.


I would like to support you in your search for a natural way to regain your health. I would like to help you:


  • To detoxify and heal your body through living food.
  • To relax and strengthen your mind with Reiki energy 
  • To detect disturbances and harmonize them in your living space.


I will share with you as much information as possible in the following pages.

But I also and above all offer personal coaching, Reiki treatments and the examination of the disturbance field in your living space.



When you cut yourself, no one needs to intervene,

your body takes care of everything.

Have confidence in your powers of self-healing and be open to new paths.


Reiki Master


Geobiologist - Radiesthesist

Graduated and certified by the federation

French Geobiology


Choosing a natural and untreated diet will promote your physical and mental health.

Switching to raw vegetarian or vegan foods will change your life in a positive way.

Take an exciting journey of discovery towards a healthier life.








Reiki is an ancient method of holistic healing that comes to us from Japan, which balances body, mind and soul and translates into "universal life force".

Reiki has a relaxing and invigorating effect, gives strength and peace.

Reiki balances energies and promotes regeneration.

Reiki can release certain blockages and support other forms of therapy.




The earth's radiation can be involved in our illnesses and in many biological disturbances; problems sleeping, illness, arguments etc....

I hunt them down and neutralize them, so that well-being and serenity can find their way back.

I can search for you in your apartment or house, but also commercial premises and farms.

A simple assessment on a plan can help you to see more clearly.